Immersive Audio

Introducing Ambio4YOU, Immersive audio in your living room

Looking for a unique listening experience? Welcome to the world of Ambio4YOU and our flexible Ambiophonics Digital Signal Processors. In Hifi, Movies, gaming, 3D, or car audio systems, Ambio4YOU's platform are about to rock your expectations of how music or movie sound should really sound.

Ambiophonics is a method of audio reproduction based on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and a specific speaker arrangement. Capable of reproducing audio with a listening field of 180 or even 360 degrees, it is a trully immersive and realistic experience. Once you have heard Ambiophonic, you will realize the limitations of the familiar stereophonic (2.0) and surround sound (5.1/7.1 setups). Initially implemented in 1986, Ambiophonics research is based on the subjective human perception of sound  (psychoacoustics). Or in other words, how your brain interprets audio waves. The following sections summarize the work of years of research, backed by the Ambiophonics Institute among others.

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